Year One

Day 11: Blown Up…Again

And it started out so well, too.

I think the stress of the last week has been getting to me. I went out to fly today and it was almost like I had forgotten how; I was a little slower at remembering what switches to use than I should’ve been. Still, I was determined to make some progress on my trading license. Level 1 doesn’t get me much, and I need to be at level 8 to buy a Behemoth. So I loaded up Gestalt III with a cargo of Dau Spices and assorted other fine trade goods and went on my way. There was nowhere to sell my wares at a profit in the Dau system, so I moseyed on over to the wormhole to Nyrius.

When I exited the wormhole I was surprised to see the whole area peppered with security towers. Why would there be such a strong defense at the entry/exit point in between two UIT systems? There is obviously some politics or history at work here that I’m unaware of, and now I’m curious.

I was able to sell the spices at a profit in the Nyrius system, but I’d have to look elsewhere to sell the other trade goods. I tried jumping to the sector in Nyrius that held the wormhole to Verasi and ran into an Ion storm.

After a moment’s startle I settled down. “Ah well, I’m in friendly territory. Nothing to be anxious about here.” I thought. Famous last words.

Two drones came out of nowhere and started firing on me. My brain blanked and I forgot how best to maneuver my ship to get out of the way of fire. I fired on them and moved around a little, but I may as well have sat still at let them have at me for all the good it did. Soon poor Gestalt III was blown to bits, and all my cargo gone with it. I was hauled back to the station eventually, and had to spend everything I’d earned selling the spices and then some to buy Gestalt IV. The condescending look the ship master gave me wasn’t so easy to brush off today. On top of that I of course lost the money I’d invested in the ten crates of assorted fine goods. Feeling discouraged and a little sour, I decided to call it quits for the day. And it started out so well, too. I’ll have to go back out tomorrow and brush up on my combat skills, that’s for certain.


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